Lotto News   28/05/2019


The Lotto this week was held in the HUT  BAR NO WINNER number were 2,4,22,32

€30 Winners are Fiona O' Keeffe, Alan O' Mahony, Margo Phillips, 

Next Week's jackpot is €14,650  drawn will take place in FIR Bar  Please purchase tickets locally or buy online @ .

The annual lotto subscription is due for renewal in the coming weeks and we would greatly appreciate if this initiative can be supported.

The Existing club facilities have served the community well over the years however they are now seriously in need of a revamp. It is our intention to upgrade the changing room facilities within the coming year. We are also aware of the requirement of more space in the form of land and we are continuing our efforts to secure more playing fields. Unfortunately all this cost money!!

The local club lotto provides much needed funds to help run the club, which is why we are looking for your support in subscribing to our annual lotto scheme. In the past we would have sold the majority of our lotto tickets at the weekend but with the downturn of people frequenting the pubs the sales of lotto tickets are in sharp decline, however the costs of running the club has not changed. The revenue generated from this initiative will be distributed between day to day running costs and renovations.


 All purchases are greatly appreciated


Club Lotto